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Request To Become A Vendor

  1. The market will have a designated "Market Manager" selected by the Christ Reformed UCC; hereafter, the Church. The Market Manager is responsible for market operations and has the authority to direct vendors to comply with provisions of all market rules, including those not specifically stated in this document.  The Market Manager reserves the right to order any vendor to remove from sale any spoiled or off-condition product from sale.
  2. The market will adopt operating hours at the beginning of each season. Any departure from these listed hours must be approved in advance by the Church.
  3. This is a "Producers Only" market.   This means vendors may only sell items being created or grown by their primary family unit.  All vendors agree to allow inspection of their farms and production facilities as a means of assuring compliance with the "Producers Only" rule.
    1. Vendors may request permission to sell "3rd Party Products" (items grown or created by local sources who are unable to participate in the market.) To be considered, these 3rd Party Products must not be available from any other participating vendor.  Vendors may not sell any 3rd Party Products until they receive explicit approval from the Market Manager.
  4. If crop loss occurs prior to the vendor's normal participation time, any dues paid for the season will be returned to the vendor. If a vendor suffers total loss during the active participation period at the market and thus is forced to cease participation in the market, season dues already paid may be refunded on a prorated basis.
  5. Vendors who pay seasonal rates prior to market opening day will qualify for assigned spaces whenever possible. Assigned space policy as follows:
    1. Vendors wishing to use their assigned spaces must arrive at minimum 30 minutes before market opening. After that time the Market Manager may at their discretion re-assign the space.
    2. Seasonally paid vendors not coming to market on a given day should notify the Market Manager the evening before the market.
    3. Vendors are requested to notify the Market Manager if they plan to discontinue participation for the season.
    4. Daily layout of the market will be at the discretion of the Market Manager.
  6. It is the vendor's responsibility to secure and comply with all required state and county permits for their planned market activity.
    1. Scales must be registered with and inspected by the Maryland Department of Agriculture's Weights and Measurement Section.
    2. Packaged products must comply with Maryland Packaging and Labeling Regulations.
    3. Nursery stock must be from operations in compliance with Maryland Department of Agriculture's nursery inspection and certification program.
    4. Vendors selling eggs must be in compliance with Maryland Egg Law.
    5. Vendors selling honey and apiary products must have their colonies registered with the Maryland Department of Agriculture and hold a valid Certificate for Honey Bee Colony Registration.
    6. In addition to obtaining any licenses required by the Frederick County Health Department, all food service vehicles must also be inspected by the Office of the Fire Marshal for Frederick County.
  7. The use of the terms "organic" and “naturally grown” in any form by vendors is restricted to those who are certified under provisions of State approved certifying organizations.
  8. Vendors are required to have legible signage identifying their farm or firm, product pricing and listing the town of operation.
  9. All vendors are required to operate their stands in a safe manner and to make immediate safety changes when directed to do so by the Market Manager.
    1. Vendors are required to maintain their stands in a neat and orderly fashion and be responsible for removing all debris at the end of each market day.
    2. Vendors using tents or canopies are required to utilize solid weights to ensure their shelter is held securely in place.
    3. Restrooms are generally available at nearby businesses, and inside The Church, but the market is not responsible for providing these facilities to vendors.
    4. No running water or electrical power is available on-site.
      1. If electricity is needed, the vendor must supply a portable generator, in good working condition, with approval from the market manager.  Generators emitting excessive noise or fumes are prohibited.  Vendors are also encouraged to employee a noise-cancelling enclosure.
  10. Although the overall market will be covered by the Church’s general liability insurance policy, vendors are encouraged to carry their own insurance

  11. Smoking, vaping, the use of electronic cigarettes and other tobacco products, and the consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited!

    1. EXCEPTION: Sampling of alcoholic beverages from approved vendors, as part of their official market activities.

  12. All complaints must be in writing, signed by the complainant, and presented to the Market Manager for review and resolution. Producer Only complaints will require an inspection visit to the production location by the Market Manager. Any vendor refusing to allow an inspection shall forfeit the right to participate in the market for the remainder of the season.  No market dues will be refunded in such cases.

Josh Lewis, Market Manager
Middletown Farmers’ Market

12924 Spruce Run Rd
Myersville, MD  21773
(301) 524-1035


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