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Dogs Love to Run...Jump...Sit...Snack! with TrendSETTER Treats!

Recent Easter Display of TrendSETTER Treats

TrendSETTER Treats brings to the market healthy, all-natural, gluten-free and sugar-free doggie treats. All of the ingredients they use are human-grade, 100% USDA Organic, and researched for to add nutritional value to canine diets. In addition to their pre-determined menu, they will research special requests in order to make snacks based on specific dietary needs of your canine companion.  TrendSETTER Treats range from bite size to sizes similar to large cookies, and they will offer Peanut Butter Crunchie Bones, Lucky Emerald Shamrock Kale Treats, and Hugs & Hearts Tomato Parmesan Cheese Snacks for the first few weeks of the season. Throughout the Market, TrendSETTER Treats will bring seasonal treats that include pumpkin sweet potato, blueberries, apples, carrots, and more!  Additionally, customers may order a specific treat or place bulk orders of treats to pick up the following week.

Sherry and Lonnie Purkey consider TrendSETTER Treats to be a journey, inspired by their Irish Setters.  This exciting journey continues when they meet your canine companions at the market each week, and as they listen to the stories their human companions share. Sherry and Lonnie look forward to hearing your stories and meeting your canine companions as you join their 2016 journey to support and protect the canine companions in Frederick County.

What to be an even bigger part of of the journey?  100% of your purchase price of Extra Large Peanut Butter Crunchie Bones is donated to the following:

Frederick County MD Pet Support Nonprofits
"We appreciate their time and work to support canines in our community."
-Lonnie Purkey

Hospice of Frederick County, Maryland
"We value the comfort, joy, and smiles that "Steeler" (the Hospice Therapy Dog) brings to human companions every day."
-Sherry Purkey

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