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Spring Pastures Farm is Pleased to Meat You!

Returning to the market for their second season, Spring Pastures Farm is a family-owned business in the Middletown Valley offering delicious grass-fed and grass-finished USDA inspected beef. They raise and finish healthy animals on a richly diverse selection of grasses through the use of rotational grazing. They use no hormones or antibiotics, nor otherwise interfere with the natural process of animal growth. Forage is stockpiled in their pastures for winter grazing and local hay is supplemented as necessary. The animals at Spring Pastures Farm live outside year-round where they have access to spring or well water and free-choice minerals. We handle our animals with care in a low-stress manner.

Owner, Brooke Henley, tells us that although ground beef may be the go-to for a quick bite, people love their brisket, either smoked or cooked slowly in the oven.  Also, if your celebrating a special occasion, NY Strip Steak from Spring Pastures Farm is always satisfying.

Did you know they also sell sides of beef, so you can customize the cuts you want, save money, and stock up for the year? 

Brooke recently stated "We hope you'll come out and get to know us. We are always happy to talk about our cows, give tips for cooking, or just get to know you!"  
They are also hoping to have special events at the market, where you can sample our beef hot off of the grill!


The Middletown Farmers' Market continues to share profiles of our current vendors so that we all have the chance to get to know each other, and what quality products will be offered at the market this season.  
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